As well as being bound by the rules of Australian Football, we also have rules that we expect our players, parents and officials to understand and abide by. The following Codes of Conduct set minimum expectations of behaviour in our club.


Play by the laws and rules
Don’t argue
Control your temper
Be a team player
Be a good sport
Treat all players fairly
Cooperate with your coach and teammates
Play for fun and improvement
Avoid ugly remarks based on race or gender


Encourage participation but don’t force it
Teach that honest effort is the victory, not the winning
Encourage to play by the rules
Never ridicule mistakes or losses
Remember, involvement is for their enjoyment, not yours
They learn best by example – applaud both teams
Recognise positively the contribution of all officials
Never publicly disagree with officials – raise any issues privately
Support all efforts to remove verbal, racial and physical abuse
Support club officials to foster high standards of behaviour
Alcohol is not to be consumed at any YJFL match.
Please remember, they’re not playing for sheep stations! They are playing for their enjoyment.


We are committed to creating and maintaining a welcoming and inclusive environment which promotes racial and religious tolerance. All forms of racial and religious discrimination and vilification present barriers to maintaining such an environment and are therefore unacceptable to our club.

Our Racial and Religious Tolerance policy aims to protect all players, spectators, officials and volunteers from the negative effects of racial and religious intolerance, both on and off the field. The policy also provides a means of redress for anyone who may be affected by inappropriate racial or religious discrimination or vilification.

The complete policy document is available below.