Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts

Round 7 Opposition: Parkside Score: 4.11.35 def by 7.11.53


Away to Parkside the boys were in good spirits playing in memory of Daniel Ioan’s grandmother. We also celebrated Sean Browitts 50th game, who from a personal perspective has been a pleasure to coach and a revelation at centre half forward.

We couldn’t buy a goal in the first quarter. Instead we managed only 5 behinds. It was the second quarter where Jackson Bowler was able to put through our first goal. The opposition couldn’t break through our firm defensive six led by Stuart Adcock who played his best game for the season and was best on ground for the afternoon.

Frustratingly our boys were on-top of the opposition around the ground. Our pace and quick ball movement was superb with half forwards Daniel Ioan and Ben Bretel looking dangerous.

It was a massive task set for our ruck combination playing against one of the best under 17s ruckman in the region. Super impressed with Aiden Guy who did a superb job curbing the influence of the talented ruck.

While we were able to hit the front in the third quarter our opposition kicked a couple early in the last to skip ahead. We missed a few chances later in the fourth quarter again only managing behinds to have us finish behind on the scoreboard.

We were the better team on the day. However, as I am continuously reminded by the AFL scouts “if you can’t kick you can’t play”. And while our kicking around the ground was excellent it failed us in front of goals.

*Also worth noting that from the oppositions 11 behinds, 6 of those were rushed behinds.

Best Players: Stuart Adcock, Joel Prendergast, Daniel Ioan, Ethan Greenway, Jackson O’Connell, Ben Bretel

Goals: 2 Jackson Bowler, Jonathan Pikis, Ethan Greenway


Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts

Round 6 Opposition: Preston Score: 7.12.54 def 4.11.35


In unusual fixturing our boys were home against Preston, only 2 weeks after playing the same opposition at the same ground. While Banyule/Doncaster understood that we are a very different team to the one that presented only 2 weeks ago, our team was required to execute a similar game plan to get the win.

The opening quarter was strong with good attack on the footy by Ethan Greenway playing his first match for the season. A contested bull, he complimented the outside midfield capability of Ben Rossi who worked himself to the ground playing in the middle all day without rotations. Loosing Sam Cargin in the first half meant we had no rotations through the bench and with only 16 on the field it was going to be a tough day.

Josh Raptopoulos, Sean Browitt and Stuart Adcock all played their best games for the season and swept off the backline throughout the afternoon. It was an outstanding first half by Jackson O’Connell who worked both wings and was a standalone target at every contest outside the back 50.

Leading all afternoon our boys were challenged in the last quarter with our opposition kicking two quick goals to be within 6 points. However it was an inspired performance late in the last quarter with desperation from our boys in particular Joel Prendergast and co in the midfield. The team showed heart and resolve to deliver a very good win for themselves and the club.

The coaching group, parents and the club couldn’t be prouder of the way the team played for each other. Outstanding effort all around!

Best Players: Stuart Adcock, Antonio Grasso, Josh Raptopoulos, Joel Prendergast, Sean Browitt, Ben Rossi

Goals: 3 Jackson Bowler, 2 Antonio Grasso, Jackson O’Connell, Joel Prendergast


Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts

Round 5 Opposition: Boroondara Score: 6.6.42 def by 10.13.73


At home against Boroondara we knew the opposition was going to be challenging having come down from the higher grade. Our boys were in good spirits in the lead up to the first bounce.

Our opening half was positive with significant contributions from Daniel Ioan and Josh Raptopoulos. We struggled to curb the influence of our opposition ruckman who was very versatile around the ground. Unfortunately having lost a few key midfielders prior to the match we were very inexperienced in the middle and struggled to win the clearances. This continually put our defence under pressure.

While we were able to stay with our opposition up to half time, Boroondara had a very good third quarter as we had allowed them far too much space and freedom in the midfield. This I hope was a learning exercise for the boys that played on Sunday.

Proud of our back 6 led who managed to minimise the oppositions scoring attempts. Our backline has settled in very well and have started to become very organised.

There were glimpses of fantastic transition footy linking well by handball into our forward line. The opposition beat us on the day but the game was very competitive. Outstanding game by Antonio Grasso who put his body on the line, wining the contested footy and playing a key role in setting up goals.

Best Players: Josh Raptopoulos, Daniel Ioan, Antonio Grasso, Sam Cargin, Jackson O’Connell, Ben Rossi

Goals: 3 Luke Pantalone, Anthony Donnelley, Jackson O’Connell, Daniel Ioan


Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts

Round 4 Opposition: Preston Score: 14.14.98 def 6.5.41

At home for round 4 against the Preston Bullants, the energy pre-game was good especially considering we had four boys pull out leaving us with 17 for the match. Having to re-assess the starting line-up our aim was to play offensive football with deep inside 50 entries. It was also a very significant game for us with Jonathan Pikis playing his 50th game.
Our opening half was fantastic with George Skaltsas dominating in the forward line kicking four goals until being moved into the midfield. The first half was significantly great by Sam Cargin and Daniel Ioan and Ben (playing his first match in a number of years) who led by example with their contested ball work and pressure around the contest.

The second half was again very good. While our boys were starting to fatigue it was great to see the team take control of rotations ensuring fresh legs to run out the game. Our new look backline really gelled shutting down opposition forward 50 entries. In particular Rhys Moodie and Jamie Vignale playing their best games for the year and holding down back pocket positions. Dean Soti was fantastic at half back throughout the match providing versatility with his work at ground level and in the air.

It was a consistent performance across the team. We were able to expose the opposition full back into one on one contests with our Captain Jackson O’Connell who delivered for the group kicking 5 goals in an outstanding game. However it was the milestone man, Jonathan who had a day to remember finishing with 4 goals from forward pocket.

Overall our inside 50 conversion to score ratio was over 50% which was the first time we had achieved that this year. Outstanding win paying good footy and most pleasingly I have seen continued improvement from individuals and the team altogether.

Best Players: Dean Soti, Aiden Mandaglio, Jonathan Pikis, Jackson O’Connell, George Skaltsas, Rhys Moodie

Goals: 5 Jackson O’Connell, 4 Jonathan Pikis, 4 George Skaltsas, 1 Antonio Grasso

Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts

Round 3 Opposition: Whitehorse Score: 6.10.46 def by 9.4.58

Doncaster/Banyule travelled to Whitehorse to compete against a team that had comprehensively beaten their opposition in the first two matches. Our boys started the game strongly with outstanding teamwork and great contested work from our midfielders. The game was congested, however, having a big and powerful midfield helped to move the ball out of the tight contest. Our ruck combination of Sean B and Aiden G worked well together giving our boys first use.

Leading the game at half time the team was urged to continue to attack the contest and provide repeated efforts. Holding a nice lead we unfortunately kept our opposition in the match having not been able to convert in front of goal. We dominated the midfield clearances and inside 50s.

In the final quarter our opposition lifted and we dropped our energy level. We deviated from our role. It felt as if we could not win a contest whether it be in the air or at ground level. Our opposition made us pay and did the damage on the scoreboard. Whitehorse hit the lead with 6 minutes to go in the match and we couldn’t get ourselves back into the contest.

It was a tough result and visibly disappointed our boys, parents and coaches. Football is an emotional game and we will hopefully use the emotions felt following this match to spur our improvement next week.

Pleasingly this group has continued to improve week by week and the results will come. It was outstanding to see some great football from Joel P who has been an outstanding performer in the first 3 matches this season.

Best Players: Joel Prendergast, Lachie Perillo, George Skaltsas, Marcus Patamia, Frankie Paonessa, Aiden Mandaglio

Goals: Jonathan Pikis, Jackson Bowler, Marcus Patamia, Aiden Mandaglio, Daniel Ioan, Jackson O’Connell

Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts

Round 2  Opposition:  Surrey Park Score:  5.3.33 def by 15.12.102


The Banyule/Doncaster football club hosted Surrey Park for our second match of the season. With a focus on tackling pressure the boys were very good in the opening quarter with scores even coming into the first break. However our opposition turned the table very quickly in the second quarter with a string of eight goals which hurt the morale of our group. Our second and third efforts were down as the bigger players from Surrey Park imposed themselves on the game, which we struggled to deal with.


Pleasingly our boys came out in the third and fourth quarters with a great attitude and intensity that was missing in quarter two. We improved our clearances and inside 50s however converting that into a score to put pressure on our opposition was lacking. While not being outscored in the second half the game was an arm wrestle.


Very pleased to see some outstanding efforts including Sam Cargin with his goal saving second and third efforts against 3 opposition players. Josh Raptopoulos with his run and carry from the back 50. Outstanding games by Aiden Mandaglio and George Skaltsas in the midfield.


We got our first look at our new ruck combination with Aiden Guy and JP. Very pleased with the improvement from last week from Aiden and JP and I am equally pleased with the improvement from the entire team from round 1.


As this team continues to gel we hope that continuous improvement will see us damage the scoreboard more so.


Best Players: George Skaltsas, Aiden Mandaglio, Joel Prendergast, Lachie Perillo, Josh Raptopoulos, Zane Rigon


Goals: 2 George Skaltsas, Jackson Bowler, Marcus Patamia, Aiden Mandaglio



Coaches Report – Banyule/Doncaster Colts


Round 1  Opposition:  Beverley Hills Score:  4.4.28 def by 14.3.87




The Banyule/Doncaster football club were hosted by Beverly Hills for the season’s opening match. A competitive first half saw a number of our players positioned in various parts of the ground. We were competitive in the opening quarter but a string of goals to our opposition in the second had us behind on the scoreboard.


Much of the afternoon was spent having our opponents lead us to the football. However, in the third quarter we were all able to see the exciting potential in this group. Our third quarter was brilliant! Tackling pressure and aggression at the football had us dominate the clearances and inside 50s. This was reflective on the scoreboard and had us in the contest at three quarter time.


Unfortunately our energy dropped in the last quarter which reflected poorly on the scoreboard. After sampling most players in various positions, the coaching group are very much looking forward to next week where we expect benefit in effectively positioning players. As repeatedly mentioned to the boys this team will improve by having players playing multiple roles throughout matches.


Joel, Aiden M and Nathan were standout players for Banyule/Doncaster with their willingness to be in the contest and win the hard ball again opposition, often while being outnumbered.


Best Players: Joel Prendergast, Aiden Mandaglio, Nathan Aitken, Zane Rigon, Frankie Paonessa


Goals: 2 Jackson Bowler, Marcus Patamia, George Skaltsas