Semi Finals
SCORE: Doncaster 2.2.14 Def by Kew Comets 3  2.6.18

Today the girls played against Kew Comets, who seem to have been self-determined as our arch rivals for this season. It was fantastic to see so many Doncaster faces turn out in the crowd to cheer the girls on. Both teams started the game well, taking strong overhead marks with accurate kicking, showcasing why these teams finished first and second on the ladder.

It was a very hot day and the girls were shaken a tiny bit by the intensity of the first half however it didn’t take long for them to get up to speed. The game seesawed to and fro with whoever having the wind for that quarter seemingly doing most of the attacking. Unfortunately, Kew scored a late goal in the final quarter to end the game with a proud loss of 2.2.14 to 2.6.18. Lara was fantastic in her attacking play and was rewarded with two goals throughout the day. Other highlights included Kristiana’s stalwart defensive efforts, Olivia B’s fantastic efforts to dig under the packs and handball the ball out to her teammates and Georgie’s continual improvement, showing all her teammates what can happen if training is given 100%.

We come back next week with our double chance game against Surrey Park at Zerbes reserve at 12:30, let’s see if we can force a rematch with Kew in the grand final.

Go Cats !!!

SCORE: Doncaster 3.14.32 Def Surrey Park 4.0.24

Today the girls came up against Surrey Park, a worthy opposition who I would think that we would come up against in finals football. The girls came into the game toeing the line between confident and cocky and as a result found themselves down two straight goals to nothing in the first quarter. This was also due to a significant breeze that quite literally kept scoring to one end of the oval for the entire game. During the second quarter the girls came out and dominated play, scoring 1.5 to 0 whilst keeping the ball in our forward 50 for the majority of the quarter.

As the rain started to pour we came into the rooms for half time and evaluated our position and what we could change to win the game. Making defence a focus against the breeze the girls once again conceded two goals but were very valiant and did amazingly well not to concede to a strong wind and a strong Surrey team.

At 3qtr time the coaching staff put it on the girls to respond to the challenge of a good team and come back to try and win the game, to consider it as our prologue for finals. And respond they did. We kicked a 1.8 to leave the scoreline with as winners 32-24. The girls did well to fight back from a strong opposition and snatch defeat but we march forward onto the first week of finals nex week knowing that we have to be switched on for the very first bounce.

Here we come finals. Exciting times ahead girls!!!

SCORE: Doncaster 4.2.26 Def Ivanhoe 2.1.13

Today the girls came up against Ivanhoe. Throughout the week we had emphasised to the girls that this week was a week of opportunity, a week to stand up and really shine. Every week is a week of opportunity but particularly more so this week since just about our whole first midfield rotation, and a couple of key position players were missing due to their Confirmation being scheduled at the same time.

The girls responded quite well to their week of opportunity, it was noticeable through many of the girls just how much they stepped up during the game. Evelyn was brilliant with her tackling efforts, ditto to Jacinda and her marking prowess. Sasha was also ecstatic after her first goal for the club came from a beautiful mark and set shot in the goal square.

Throughout the game from the first quarter we held not a commanding lead but a respectable one, Ivanhoe were determined to stick around and closed to within a goal in the second half, however our girls muscled their way back on top and finished off with the scoreboard reading 26-13. Gemma was awarded the best player from the opposition team and was outstanding in her sweeper role all game.

A special congratulations to every girl who played today, they showed they were not phased about missing some key players and went about playing the game in an awesome effort.

Go Girls!!!

SCORE: Doncaster 4.9.33 Def Kew Comets 3  1.0.6

Today the girls came up against Kew Comets, the long awaited 1 vs 2 match. Whilst some of the girls from both team shared friendships off the field, there was absolutely no friendships on the field.

The first half was a rough, low scoring affair with the majority of the highlights being our amazing tackling pressure which allowed us to score 3 points whilst keeping Kew Comets scoreless. Aided by an unbelievably adept full back, Kew pressed hard at the start of the third quarter however a fantastic run from Julia in the third quarter saw her rewarded with the drought breaking goal, and from there the floodgates opened. Isla piled on two more goals and Ella added another goal close to the end of the game to seal the deal 4.9.33 to 1.1.7.

I can honestly say that whilst we have had bigger wins throughout the season, this was by far the most complete game of football the girls had played together as a team and sent a message to the rest of the completion that we are looking to challenge for our inaugural premiership. However, a couple more tough games stand in our way and we cannot afford to take our foot off the pedal, fantastic win girls, one for the ages!!

SCORE: Doncaster 7.3.45 Def Fitzroy 2  2.2.14

Captains; Olivia Hudson, Kirra McCague , Emma Di Petta

The girls were taking on Fitzroy. A team we had recorded our first win against in our second ever game.

The Fitzroy team had improved winning their last two but so had our great bunch of girls.

Our training had been excellent leading into the game. The girls have a great attitude in their willingness to learn new skills and team plays which they apply on game day.

Fitzroy came out strong kicking the first goal. However we regained control out of the centre and began to dominate play.

Our second quarter was electric. Great team play with successions of handballs creating good ball carry time and time again.

Even in times when we lost possession the girls were immediately onto Fitzroy with strong tackling not allowing them to create any ball movement

We went into half time with a 13 point lead.

The girls dug deep in the third knowing Fitzroy were kicking with a strong wind. We held Fitzroy scoreless and we kicked a goal.

Our captain Olivia Hudson was inspiring in the third repelling attacks out of the back line.

Come the last we wanted to finish strong and the girls responded with a powerful three goal last quarter.

A great result winning by 31 points.

Goalkickers: Isla 1, Lara 2 , Gemma 1 , Amy 2 , Kristiana 1

Some of the highlights of the day;

Sasha giving off a lightening handball creating a goal scoring opportunity

Gemma creating many quality possessions and her intelligent reading of the play resulting in numerous rebounds.

Laras inspirational attack on the ball and committed second efforts.

Evelyns strong tackling to lock the ball in.

Olivias Hudsons commitment to run off her opponent in creating a contest to save a certain Fitzroy goal.

The continual run and carry of Isla, Emma, Siena and Amy which gives their teammates so much confidence.

A great mark by Kristiana resulting in her kicking first ever goal. SPECIAL!

The dash out of the backline by Julia creating mid field opportunities.

And everyone else for contributing to a great result.

For a group of girls who many had hardly touched a football four months ago they should be so proud of being on TOP OF THE LADDER after round 11.

Next weeks game against Kew Rovers will be the girls biggest challenge and opportunity so far.

Thank you to:

Coaching: Phil

Team Manager : Lynda ,Larissa

First Aid: Marisa

Runner :Dimi

Boundary Umpire : Paul

Water Carrier : Marisa , Justin

Interchange : Kathrin

Canteen: Voula , Lisa

Goal Umpire : Grant

SCORE: Doncaster 4.4.28 Def Templestowe 2.6.18

In the girls first ever game, we came up against Templestowe and whilst acknowledging that it was our first game ever as a team, we were soundly beaten by a well drilled team by about 70 points. Today gave the girls their first ever opportunity to play against a team that they had already played, and in Templestowe’s case, a chance for revenge.

The first quarter yielded four goals to none in our favour and we were absolutely ecstatic with our start, however the problem was we believed it would continue like this all day. To Templestowe’s credit, they fought back and managed to kick two goals over the next three quarters whilst holding us goalless for the rest of the match. Overall we played quite well and defended particularly well in the last quarter however we can always work on things throughout a game, not just during training. The girls noticeably increased their defensive intensity in the last quarter and this was pleasing to see.

The match was played with fifteen players a side and as such, there were many opportunities for our players to show their potency with their run and dash, foot skills and linking up through terrific handballs. Lara, Gemma, Siena and Isla were particularly effective with their ability to move the ball via run or skill.

Going into the school holidays the girls need to focus on always staying hungry throughout a game and never being content, and also the process of leading to space so that our players have more time to find and distribute the ball to targets all over the ground.

Go Cats !!

SCORE: Doncaster 3.5.23 Def Surrey Park 2.4.16

Similar to last week, the girls came up against another team that was similar to us in ladder position and their wins and losses, Surrey Park. In the first 20 seconds of the game Surrey Park had kicked a goal and the coaching group all thought we may be in for a long day. We should know our team better by now! The girls were resilient and struck back to even the ledger by the end of the first quarter through Jacinda’s goal, her first for the club.

The rest of the game was an even struggle with our girls having the slight edge throughout the whole day. Two more goals in the 2nd and 3rd quarters reassured our confidence and we held on to win in one of the tougher matches we have played this year. Surrey Park kicked the final goal of the day but it was too little too late for them.

The girls all played exceptionally well today however special mentions to Kristiana, Olivia, Gemma and Eliza who all had important roles and duties assigned to them throughout the game regarding opposition players and positioning and performed admirably.

During the week the girls will definitely be looking at running to space and actually locating those targets who have a bit of time to themselves, rather than kicking to a pack of girls.

Go Cats!!

SCORE: Doncaster 9.5.59 Def Ivanhoe 3.1.19

Today the girls came up against Ivanhoe, what I thought to be the first team we played who had collected similar results to us throughout the year, however the scoreboard at the end of the day sure did not reflect that! We ran away from the game convincing winners and thankfully managed to remember how to sing the song again.


The girls played hard gritty football up until half time, Ivanhoe stuck in the game and had managed to kick a couple of goals to be within striking distance at half time. The girls were challenged to remember about running back to defend and playing football using their most potent weapon, their voice. They responded tremendously and effectively kicked the game away by 3 quarter time kicking a flurry of goals to dispirit Ivanhoe. To their credit Ivanhoe kept fighting all day but we were just too strong on the day.

Amy was awarded best on ground by the opposition team for her bag of 4 goals however even with a performance like that I found it difficult to nominate only a couple of players who played well, such was the collective effort and endeavour shown by the girls.

We now look forward to be back playing at Schramms this weekend with a well fought victory under our belts to lean upon.

Go Cats!!

SCORE: Doncaster 1.4.10 Def by Kew Comets 3 4.9.33

Today the girls faced their toughest opposition of the year, top of the table, undefeated since coming down Kew Comets. The girls were not daunted by the task and came out firing in the first half, not to be daunted by their opposition’s status. Fantastic efforts in the backline from Marina and Hannah as well as Olivia H who kicked a great goal did not go unnoticed.

During the second half Kew was able to convert two quick chances and found themselves with a two goal lead that they would hang onto for the remainder of the game until the dying seconds where they would add another goal.

The girls were fantastic in their ability to run and carry the ball, passages of play from Isla, Lara and Gemma especially scintillating. Eliza, Alessia and Julia battled hard all day in the ruck against a couple of very tall, strong girls from Kew.

We go into training this week and next week maybe thinking about some structures and game day strategies that will assist the girls in their development as promising junior footballers. The girls have already shown so much development and I have a feeling another win is not too far away.

Go Cats!!

SCORE: Doncaster 8.5.53 Def Fitzroy 2  1.1.7

Congratulations to our girls for their first ever win today, an amazing and historic moment for our footy club. You could tell from the very first bounce in the way the girls attacked the ball that today was going to be a successful day. The team was led very well all day by their captain Hannah who played all over the ground today. The determination to run and tackle and chase and fight for the ball was made manifest in our three-goal lead at the end of the first quarter.

What was particularly impressive about the girls today was their ability to put into practice what we learnt during the week about positions on the ground and their own individual roles. What was also pleasing was their ability to move the ball in and around the congested packs by handballing, which was fantastic to see and is becoming a real strength of the girls already. Both Olivia H and G as well as Marina were fantastic in their handballing and contested work around the ground.

A special congratulations to our first ever goal kickers Lara, Gemma, Isla and Amy who all scored two goals apiece, an amazing effort. Lara was awarded a medal by the opposition in honour of the indigenous round festivities whilst Gemma, Isla and Jacinda were the recipients of our club awards on Sunday night. Gemma was particularly impressive in learning a new ‘sweeper’ role on the spot.

It will be exciting to have all the girls at training this week to see which areas of our game we can improve this week, now that we have our first ever win under our belt.

Go Cats!!

SCORE: Doncaster 0.1.1 Def by Templestowe 11.8.74

What an amazing and rushed start to the first ever girls game of Doncaster Junior Football Club. It was a sight to behold to watch 18 young girls play their first game of football. The enthusiasm was infectious from players and parents alike, with many comments whistling around about how every single team member could not wipe the smile off their face the whole day. It must be recognised just how special this bunch of girls are, the first ever girls team for Doncaster Junior Football Club, what an honour.

We started the day with 15 players but by the end of the game finished with 18 due to the frantic registration of three of our players whilst the first quarter was in play.

The first quarter was enormously entertaining to watch however not very structured as the girls dipped their toes in the water for the very first time. To their credit, the girls came out in the second quarter and absolutely blitzed the opposition, scoring a point and keeping the opposition to only one goal in the process, as opposed to the six in the first quarter. Julia was fantastic in the back line whilst Hannah and Eliza ran all quarter through the midfield.

The third and fourth quarter were much of the same as the girls kept honest a very experienced Templestowe side. Madeline found lots of football in the final two quarters and Lara was awesome in her clearance and running work around the ground. It was a testament to the girls and their ability to adapt on the spot to undertake tasks such as directed kick-ins, finding and sticking with their players as well as being able to utilise their hand balling skills effectively when the ball was in close. The girls can most definitely hold their heads up high and look forward to next week with confidence and enthusiasm.

Very special thanks must go out to Lynda, Stephen, Phil, Dimi and everyone else who was involved in getting this team up and running over the last two weeks. From here we can build and continue to get better and better whilst having a great time kicking the footy around.