Coaches Report – Under 10s

Round 6 Opposition: Greythorn Score: Doncaster 4.5 v Greythorn 1.0


Team of the day:

Austin Bartlett, Dylan Bee, Leo Seward, Adam Smith, James Vitsos, Sam Papas, Alex Adgemis ,Ethan Grimbos , Kiyoshi Sayers, Ethan Wensor, Alexander Ferizis, Jack Charlton, Jasper Famous, Karim Dabab, Lucas Gerovasilis, Liam Blower, Tom Hanson, William Gianakopoulos, Dylan Street, Jadon Fang ,James Edwards, Jasper Famous Noah Upson Captains; Dylan b

We came up against Greythorn for the first time at home. We were told Greythorn had a big win against Ivanhoe the previous week Our training had been solid with the new our boys gaining more confidence to compete in the contest each week. Conditions were a bit slippery with the centre wicket area quite gluey. One of our most popular players Jad was unable to play and we encouraged the boys to put in a big effort for Jad.

In the first quarter we dominated the ball around the middle of the ground. Early on Austin small in stature but big in heart and aggression laid a bump on a Greythorn player that Leigh Mathews would have been proud of. That action caused Austin to deliver the ball forward to Alex A who kicked the goal. Liam, James e and Dylan B were dangerous up forward but we only converted one goal for the quarter and held Greythorn scoreless.

We opened the second quarter strongly. Dylan b and James V were really showing their strength around the contest. Sammy was inspirational in the quarter .Our backline led by Kiyoshi repelled any Greythorn attack. Goals to Sam and James v had us in a commanding position at half time 2.3 to 0 The first half was characterised by some great tackling by Jadon and Noah. Lucas was dangerous getting the ball and Leo always has those silky skills. The half time message was to continue the pressure and not let Greythorn boys get loose. Greythorn had showed some good passages of play but were let down with some poor disposal. Sammy slotted a mark run on goal in the third and by three quarter time we had the score on the board of 4.5 to 0 Dylan b was showing great confidence in winning the ball and showing dash to drive the ball forward.
The first three quarters were particularly pleasing to see our new players playing important roles in the team contribution: Loved the way Karim, Jasper, William and Tom attacked the ball. Jacks effort in the contest to not allow the Greythorn boys possession was outstanding. Noahs decision to leave his man and sprint to the contest locking the ball in was fantastic.

The last quarter Greythorn were able to get a well deserved goal and the boys dropped of their intensity and being second for the ball. However overall it was another good performance. After a slow start to the year the boys are hitting their straps. I can see the boys are really enjoying their footy and the mateship continues to strengthen. They did a special video at the end screaming “Jaddy we won it for you “ which was special. The next two weeks will really show where this team is at. We have two games against strong teams Kew (who is undefeated) and Hawthorn looming.

Goalkickers : Sam 2, James v 1, Alex A 1

Best Players: Sam, Dylan B, Austin, James V, Liam, Jadon

Thank you to all the parents who helped in round six.


Coaches Report – Under 10s

Round 5 Opposition: Richmond Score: Doncaster 9.7 v Richmond 2.2


Team of the day:

Austin Bartlett, Dylan Bee, Jad Jamal, Leo Seward, Adam Smith, James Vitsos, Sam Papas, Alex Adgemis ,Ethan Grimbos , Ethan Qian, Kiyoshi Sayers, Ethan Wensor, Alexander Ferizis, Jack Charlton, Jasper Famous, Karim Dabab, Lucas Gerovasilis, Liam Blower, Tom Hanson, William Gianakopoulos, Dylan Street, Jadon Fang ,James Edwards

Noah Upson

Captains; Tom

We ventured to Richmond for the first time. The boys were looking forward to a big game after a great performance against Warrandyte

The ground was in poor condition with one half very wet and the other half fairly dry.

We started strongly with Sammy breaking the lines and kicking to a strong mark by James E . James slotted the goal and we were off and running.

Jad then kept the opposition chasing by taking two fine bounces in difficult conditions.

Any forward entry by Richmond in this quarter was quickly repelled by Kiyoshi in the back line.

We dominated the quarter kicking three goals to Richmond zero.

In the second quarter we continued great team play.

Liam was handling the ball like it was a dry ground.

Great to see Jasper attacking the ball to stop Richmonds forward movement.

Jadon was also relentless in his tackling. Jad finished the quarter kicking a great goal.

Dylan Street and Leo both taking strong marks.

The Richmond players were out of position chasing the ball. Our boys maintained their structures to ensure we had all parts of the ground covered.

At half time the boys had a commanding 32 point lead.

We shuffled the team around at half time with some boys playing in new positions.

Richmond lifted in the third quarter and we struggled to man up at times. Kiyoshi was again outstanding in the backline for the quarter. Richmond kicked two goals and we were held scoreless.

Richmond had their tales up going into the break and game on.

Our boys regrouped at the break and unleashed a great last quarter kicking four goals to Richmonds zero score. Dylan Bee played an outstanding last quarter. In one instance marking the opponents kick in and not breaking stride to slam home a great goal.

Ethan Wensor took his best mark ever for the team and just failed to convert a goal.

A real Doncaster performance winning by 47 points.

After a slow start to the season the boys are really hitting their straps.

Boys are kicking well to position and not letting the opposition to get any space.

More importantly the boys are really enjoying their footy. Great camaraderie and group celebrations when someone kicks a goal.

We look forward to keeping the positive momentum going against Greythorn next week.

Thanks to the dads who are running the pre game warm up. Makes our group look really focussed and is showing positive results with the boys starting the game in a positive manner.

Goalkickers : Sam 2, James E 2, Dylan B 2, Jad 1, James V 1, Alex A 1

Best Players:

Kiyoshi, Sam, James v, James e, Dylan B, Liam

Thank you to all the parents who helped in round five

Coaches Report – Under 10s
Round 4 Opposition: Warrandyte Score: Doncaster 3.12 v Warrandyte 0.11


Team of the day:

Austin Bartlett, Dylan Bee, Jad Jamal, Leo Seward, Adam Smith, James Vitsos, Sam Papas, Alex Adgemis ,Ethan Grimbos , Ethan Qian, Kiyoshi Sayers, Ethan Wensor, Alex Huangi, Alexander Ferizis, Jack Charlton, Jasper Famous, Karim Dabab, Lucas Gerovasilis, Liam Blower, Tom Hanson, William Gianakopoulos, Dylan Street, Jadon Fang Captains; Alex q

After a disappointing last quarter against Whitehorse last week we were looking forward to the boys putting in a big effort against an undefeated Warrandyte. The ground was in perfect condition and for the first time we decided to play the entire ground at Schramms.

One of the key challenges for the boys was understanding of where to position themselves on the ground .Spreading and filling the defensive spaces was going to be vital in not allowing Warrandtye to get their run on.

The dads who took the boys for their pre game warm up were fantastic. We could see that the boys were really focussed ready for a red hot go. At the first bounce we gained possession and with some great kick passing Liam slotted our first goal within the first 30 seconds without Warrandyte touching the ball. We knew it was going to be a titanic struggle all day. For the rest of the first quarter our midfield of Sam, Austin and Alex A were in and under getting first use of the ball. We went into the first break holding Warrandyte goaless.

The second quarter was a real arm wrestle with neither team scoring a goal. We were teaming so well with great spread .However missed marks in the forward line meant we just didn’t convert. Jad was at his elusive best in the forward line. We encouraged the boys at half time to keep doing what they were doing and the results would come. Warrandyte had been very strong in the air with big boys out marking us. However once the ball hit the ground we had the talent to take control The third quarter was again a great contest. Highlighted by Ethan Grimbos grabbing the ball and quickly getting boot to ball and slotting a pivotal goal. James Vitsos dominated this quarter matching Warrandytes big men. Nine points up at three quarter time.
At the three quarter time huddle we implored the boys to stand tuff. The only way Warrandyte could get back into the game was for them to run spread and open up the play. The key message was to man up and not let the ball leak into space. The last quarter Warrandyte had a number of forward moves. It was great to see new player Karim coming of his man in running to the contest to stop Warrandyte kicking a goal. William another new boy jumped high into the stratosphere to touch a Warrandyte kick that was looking like being a goal. Tom played his best quarter for the year competing up forward and getting a vital free kick to keep the ball in our forward line. It was great to see Alex A and Adam running into defensive areas so we had extra numbers behind the play. For the whole day we never let Warrandyte take control and credit to every Doncaster player.

Leo and Liam were aggressive at the ball all day. Jack putting himself into the contest holding up the ball. Jadon tackled a Warrandyte boy twice his size to the ground . In the end it was fitting our spiritual leader Sammy slotted a running goal to cement what was a great win by 19 points.

It had been a couple of weeks since the boys had sung the song (which is very unusual) but they belted out a loud and emotional finale.

Everyone is looking forward to teaching the boys more team plays, the continual development of our new players and of course having a bucket load of fun.

Goalkickers :Liam 1, Ethan G 1, Sam 1

Best Players: Sam, Austin, Alex a , James v, Adam, Dylan b

Thank you to all the parents who helped in round four


Doncaster 4.2.26 lost to Fitzroy 6.2.38 

Schramms Reserve 22/4

We entered this game with the ‘brains trust’ in Stephen Smith our Coach and Shaun Bartlett our Assistant coach unavailable for the game.

The club placed it’s trust in Peter Papas to coach with his willing and able assistant Chris Ferizis.

The Schramms ground is a large one which we decided to move to a ¾ ground configuration. Last week was full length with the boundaries brought in.

Both options have merit.

The message to the team also included the Anzac motivated theme of showing effort, respect, and do your best. The boys certainly showed the appropriate respect as the last post sounded with a minutes silence before play. Sam Papas was Captain for the day.

Fitzroy played a high quality game of football and were running hard, switching, and playing the type of whole ground commitment to gain a positive result.


At each quarter break, the coaching team were encouraging more effort, spread and commitment to the team. In the first 3 quarters, we only had the required effort from some of the players.

The coach at ¾ time asked for commitment as we were looking at a score blow out, and were not showing the effort that Doncaster normally provides.

The last quarter was outstanding and we outscored Fitzroy by 3 goals to 1. With a bit of luck we could have nearly pinched it…yes it would have been a slight pinch!

The players ran, voices improved, the effort was there and the parents and support / volunteers were really pleased.

It was great to see Ethan Q follow his player and place pressure, Liam made a serious commitment to play hard, Lucas is starting to understand the game and William also made an effort.

Dylan S also competed well.


Goals: Jad x 2, Alexander F x 1, and James V x 1


Best Players: James V, Austin, Sam, Dylan B, Kiyoshi, Leo, Adam and Jad

Go Cats!!


Coaches Report – Under 10s


Round 1 Opposition:  Ivanhoe Score:  Doncaster 4.3 v Ivanhoe 2.4




Team of the day:


Austin Bartlett, Dylan Bee, Jad Jamal,  Leo Seward, Adam Smith,  James Vitsos, Sam Papas, Alex Adgemis ,Ethan Grimbos , Ethan Qian, Kiyoshi Sayers,  Ethan Wensor, Alex Huangi, Alexander Ferizis, Jack Charlton, James Edwards, Jasper Famous, Karim Dabab, Lucas Gerovasilis, Liam Blower, Noah Upson, Tom Hanson, William Gianakopoulos,Dylan Street

Captains; Jad


After seven pre season training sessions the boys were ready to play in the big smoke.

We are in the open competition. Playing on the big grounds and having that scoreboard light up.

Word had got out in the pre season on our dominant performances over the previous two seasons.

We had kids jumping out of trees to join this team. We were very fortunate to welcome seven new faces in 2018 and having a squad of 25 boys.

Unfortunately the ground condition at Schramms was muddy in the middle and slippery all over the ground with steady precipitation.

Ivanhoe had big boys playing and the first quarter showed we were in for a real contest.


The first quarter was a real arm wrestle with the ball like soap. Sam, Austin and Dylan B gave great drive out of the middle. However the boys naturally congregated through the middle part of the ground and there were lots of ball ups and scrappy play. One point to zero in Ivanhoes favour at quarter time

At the break the rain lifted and the opportunity was there for the boys to show their skills  

In the opening minutes of the second quarter we started to run and spread. There were some great passages of play where we gained 50 metres through a series of precise kicking  to players who ran to space. Two good goals to zero and at half time and we were 13 points ahead.


The third quarter we kicked another two and had a commanding lead of twenty points going into the last quarter.

Ivanhoe really gave it everything in the last. Austin Bartlett played a magnificent last quarter tackling and chasing down players and was instrumental in us holding on to win by 13 points.

With seven new players it will take time for the boys to gell as a team. I was very impressed with the first game of Noah and Lucas.

We have much to teach the boys and how to set up our structures on the big ground

A promising start and great to see our winning score officially on the scoreboard!



Goal Kickers

Jad, Liam , Dylan b , Sam


Best Players:

Austin, Sam, James V, Jad,  Liam,  Noah

Thank you to all the parents who helped in round one: