Sunday May 13

Versus Canterbury at home at 10am

Even though we Lost by 10 goals we made some inroads.

For the first time this year we had some good numbers with 14 girls playing. We had 4 missing as well so next game we expect to have approx 18 or 19 girls playing. We have had a healthy influx of new girls in the last few weeks.

The new girls such as Georgie Jasmine Olivia C and Ava played really well and showed great skills.

Marina is playing well and learning her new role at full back. Jasmine is new and playing strong footy in the ruck. Sophia and Olivia B are playing well in their role one kick behind the play in a sweeper type role. Ashlea is kicking and marking well and generally all the girls are improving and enjoying themselves.

Awards for the game went to Sophia Georgie and Ava.

We have a bye this week and look forward to our strongest team for the year on the park the week after. Abbey is our nominated captain for our next game.

Our new training time is every Wednesday at 5pm at Schramms.



U12 Girls Coach Report Vs Ivanhoe Sunday 6th May at 10am at Ivanhoe’s home ground. Final Score: Ivanhoe 15. 06. 96 def Doncaster 1. 0. 6

This was a significant game for our U12 girls. We had 15 girls take the field – the largest team we have had this season. We had 3 new players playing their first game this season (Ava, Irene and Jasmine) and each of them made a meaningful contribution during the game.

Our girls came up against the best team they have played this year. A lot of pressure was put on our defence for the entire game and our girls managed to hold back many goals from occurring.

Our girls switched on in the last quarter and played to their potential. Some significant pressure from our centres and forwards kept the ball in our attacking zone which led to a magnificent goal from Ashlea. The girls really enjoyed that goal and that gave the team a boost in energy that lifted them for the remainder of the quarter. The girls held Ivanhoe to only 1 goal in the last quarter.

Throughout the game, I encouraged the girls to compliment and show recognition for great work. That was really evident in the last quarter when they scored the goal. The enthusiasm even spilled over after the game. The girls broke out into song in the rooms singing Jingle Bells – mimicking the sound of the opponents theme song being sung in the other rooms.

Thanks to the recruiting efforts of Stephen Smith, we look forward to potentially increasing our team list by another 2 players in the weeks ahead. Our U12 girls team is becoming quite a popular team. A special thanks to Corey for stepping up to help in an Assistant Coach capacity whilst fulfilling his regular duties of Runner on the day. To Lynda as always for making the day run smoothly and to all the other parents who contributed on the day.

Major Awards for the day: Kristi – Coaches award for the best player on the day – busting through packs and really moving the ball quickly down the ground. And not being afraid of anyone. Ashlea – Best team player award for versatility shown at both ends of the ground, saving goals in defence and scoring a magnificent goal for the team. Jasmine – Encouragement award for gaining lots of possessions and not being afraid to be in the bottom of packs in her first game

All the girls contributed with highlights noted below: Sasha – Amazing Overhead mark in defence and great ruckwork. She is really blossoming in this ruck role. Maddie – Showing real endeavour for the ball – the best we have seen this season. Jacinda – Handballing quickly to free players and showing courage to pursue the ball Evelyn and Marina – for their usual strong tackles Ava – for applying her skills gained in Auskick in the game Georgie – for her usual great runs and safe marks Jessica and Sophie – for applying good pressure in defence around the packs Irene – for her courage to go into packs in her 1st game Olivia – for her usual boundless energy running all day and great ball gathering Abbey – running to space and creating options for other players to kick to.

Bring on Round 5 where we welcome back our Coach Phil Vestrevanis and Sophia from a well earned break.


Under 12 girls coaches report.

Versus Warrandyte Sunday April 29 at 10am at our home ground.

Final score. Warrandyte 7.1.43 to Doncaster 0.0.0.

Tough game for our girls. We had 11 girls again which made it just enough for an official game. Warrandyte had 16 and lent us 2 players to get to 13 each on the ground.

The girls played much better in the second half. Warrandyte scored 5 goals in the first half and 2 in the second half after our girls tightened up and we re jigged our defence. They are still learning the game so hopefully this game gave them a little more experience and we will be better for it in the long run. Our girls looked flat in this game and many of them were away at the Doncaster primary school grade 6 camp in Canberra for the week and got back Friday so I wonder if that had something to do with it as there wasn’t much run.

We get back a few players next week and expect at least 2 new recruits. So we are hopeful that we have approx 15 players for our next game.

I will not be coaching this Sunday as I and my family are away this weekend but my assistant Andrew  will be  writing the coaches report for this game.

Coach’s report for U/12 girls vs Banyule 22/4/18.

Final score:  Banyule 2.3.15
Doncaster: 1.1.7

Goal scorer – Ashlea Bakes
Encouragement Award – Jess
Coach’s Award – Georgie
Best Team Player – Marina

We had twelve girls, enough for an offical game the girls performed very
well, they were extremely competitive and dedicated to the game. They
played with respect for the opposition and are great ambassadors for our
club. Some of the girls that played last year have blossomed in their new
challenge of holding positions new to them such as midfield. In other words
they have been given opportunity to play new important roles as opposed to
last year were they might have been sitting on the bench due to huge
numbers. We had some girls that played their first game ever and others
that have only played a handful of games. But I am still very impressed and
proud of how they’re performing, the main thing is to concentrate on
developing their skills, understanding positions on the ground and the game
in general, I feel they’re grasping all this. The Banyule team and their
coach’s were great hosts and very respectful, overall the girls told me
they had lots of fun and lots of them mentioned this to me.

Philip Vesdrevanis


We did not have the numbers to make it an official game against Bulleen
Templestowe. We had 10 and needed 11. So we agreed to play a practice game.
The girls that played were competitive and it was a good hit out. We are
all trying to get more numbers via various recruitment drives.
4 of our under 12 girls played a second game for the under 13’s straight
after our game to help them make up the numbers. The under 13s are a super
team and had a lot to do with them last year as team runner. They need some
more numbers as well. The under 13s won by a large margin and the risk is
that the girls from the under 12 s that played and others will want to play
in that team from now on. We have spoken about merging the teams and my
assistant Andrew and I are comfortable with that and we can support the
under 13s coach Michael in any way. The girls are of upmost importance.
Merging is an option and maybe we should consider more as time goes by.
Philip Vesdrevanis