Our first game in Gold Division saw us head to Kevin Bartlett Reserve to play Richmond.

Our first challenge was that we had only 14 players and our opposition had 21 so we accepted the offer of 2 of Richmond’s players each quarter – a decision I came to regret.

Richmond are a big and physical side and after 4 relatively easy wins in Brown we were not quite ready for the step up in intensity and physicality. The ball spent much of the first quarter deep inside Richmond’s forward line and our defenders did well not to concede more goals. Alessia was fantastic at full back repelling many attacks, Maddie was relentless in her attack on the ball across half back and Gemma defended strongly. Sienna’s ruck work and physicality against much bigger opponents was also great. Our cause was not helped by one of our Richmond “helpers” playing in defence whom was openly assisting her team with shepherds and handballs to create scoring opportunities. At ¼ time we trailed 0-0-0 to 2-0-12.

The second quarter unfortunately produced more of the same and our backline was forced to defend hard for much of the quarter. When we won the ball we were always under pressure and forced to kick or handball quickly leading to turnovers. Lara, Isla and Tiana worked hard in the middle and around the packs and Amy was defending hard at Centre Half Back. Free kicks were like hens teeth as the umpire let the game go. At ½ time we trailed 0-1-1 to 5-3-33.

At half time we had a chance to regroup and made a few changes to mix things up. Mikayla, Gemma and Liv Hudson went into defence and played alongside Alessia and Amy and were able to shut down Richmond’s scoring. Sienna continued to fight hard in the ruck and Lara was winning plenty of the ball around the ground. On general play we won the quarter however despite going forward on many occasions we were short on experience up forward and could not convert. What this quarter showed us though was that we could mix it with this experienced Gold team. At ¾ time we trailed 0-1-1 to 5-4-34.

We gave up on the “helpers” from Richmond at ¾ time after one of our “helpers” actually ran away from a ball kicked directly to her to allow a Richmond player a free passage to goal. Thankfully she missed. What I was very proud of was our girls coming into the ¾ time huddle and saying that they would prefer to play with 14 and be disadvantaged rather than accept that.

In the last quarter we continued to fight hard and never gave up. Despite only having 14 and being 2 players down (Richmond made the decision to play with 16 as we had rejected their offer of “assistance”) our girls held their own all over the ground. Liv Hudson attacked the contest and won the ball several times after moving forward and Zoe, Kirra, Georgie and Liv O were tackling hard and putting pressure on. Mikayla had a fantastic last quarter with her kamikaze approach to the contest and Isla and Gemma won plenty of the ball. We were unlucky not to score several times in the second half. We ended up losing 0-1-1 to 6-5-41

Once we picked up the pace of the game and got used to the physicality, we showed in the second half that we can compete in Gold division. We need to bring the intensity we showed in the second half every week and if we do that we will win games.
Best Players: Alessia, Maddie, Mikayla, Lara, Gemma and Sienna.

Goalkickers: NIL – but an honorable mention to Liv Huddo who actually kicked a ripper after a great run but was called for running too far???

For round 4 we headed down the road to tackle Templestowe whom were yet to win a game.

In the first quarter we started slowly and Templestowe were really taking the game up to us. The ball spent a significant amount of time in their forward line and our back line defended really well but ultimately a great passage of play resulted in a Templestowe goal – their first for the year and the first kicked against us this year. Alessia was fantastic at full back repelling many Templestowe attacks, Sienna was dominating in the ruck and Liv Hudson was lively up forward, when we got it there and kicked our only goal for the quarter. At ¼ time scores were level 1-0-6 to 1-0-6.

After a bit of a rev at ¼ time we got going in the second quarter. Gemma, Lara and Tiana were driving the ball forward from the middle and Isla was dominating across half back and through the middle. Liv O’s tackling and run with the ball was fantastic and set up a great goal. Zoe in her second ever game was providing a great contest up forward and had several chances to kick her first ever goal – it’s not far away! At half time we led 4-9-33 to 1-0-6. Goalkickers for the quarter were Lara 1, Liv H 1 and Mikayla 1.

In the third quarter we switched things around. Amy went into the ruck and provided us with first use of the ball and Isla and Gemma in the midfield were well on top and providing lots of drive. Mikayla’s attack on the ball and opponents provided many opportunities and Maddie, Kirra and Cartier were tackling machines creating many turnovers. Tiana and Lara both went forward and great sharing amongst our forward line put Tiana on the end of a couple of great goals. At ¾ time we had extended our lead to 7-1153 to 1-0-6. Goalkickers for the quarter were Tiana 2 and Amy 1.

In the last quarter Sienna went back into the ruck and Lara and Gemma dominated in the midfield and around the ground. Cartier’s attack on the ball was fantastic and Liv O gave some great handballs to set up scoring opportunities. Zoe continued to generate scoring chances and Maddie’s tackling and pressure was a highlight. At the final siren we ran out winners 12-15-87 to 1-0-6. Goalkickers for the quarter were Gemma 2, Alessia 1, Tiana 1 and Lara 1.
Great win girls and now we progress to Gold Division. Let’s show them we belong there!

Best Players: Lara, Isla, Sienna, Gemma, Tiana, Amy, Alessia, Liv O and Liv H

Goalkickers: Tiana 3, Lara 2, Gemma 2, Liv H 2, Alessia 1 and Amy 1





What a start to our season with a 107-point win over Heidelberg at Schramms on Sunday.


For the first game of the season we were greeted with true football conditions – cold, wind and rain….. but our girls adapted to the conditions fantastically right from the start. Sienna dominated the ruck and our midfield led by Captain for the day Tiana, Lara and Gemma were given first use of the ball and continually worked the ball forward.


Our forward line was well on top, playing in front and contesting strongly and through the good work of Liv O, Liv H, Mikayla, Maddie, Ashlea (U12) and Jacinda (U12) we had a good lead at ¼ time 4-3-27 to 0-0-0. Goalkickers for the quarter were Tiana 2, Lara 1 and Jacinda 1.


In the second quarter we mixed it up a bit switching several players forward that had been in the back line in the first quarter. Alessia and Amy, full back and centre half back in Q1 moved forward and had an immediate impact both getting plenty of the ball and hitting the score board. Our midfield was well on top and Isla in particular was fantastic around the contest driving the footy our way on numerous occasions. At half time we had extended our lead to 8-6-54 to 0-0-0. Goalkickers for the quarter were Alessia 2, Amy 1 and Tiana 1.


In the third quarter the game really opened up. We were sharing the ball around fantastically with creative hand ball and always looking for the open player. Gemma was fantastic as an on baller and together with Sienna, Tiana, Lara, Isla and Jacinda we controlled possession. On the few occasions that Heidelberg went forward we had Mikalya, Maddie, Cartier, Liv H, Kirra, Kristiana (U12) and Marina (U12) there to repel them and set up our midfields and forwards. At ¾ time we led 13-10-88 to 0-0-0. Goalkickers for the quarter Gemma 3, Alessia 1 and Tiana 1.


In the last quarter we threw the magnets around and tried several players in different positions. Liv O went into the midfield and continued to set up scoring opportunities with her creative handball. Maddie & Kirra were tackling and contesting strongly and Sienna pretty much did as she pleased in the ruck with great support from Alessia, Amy and Liv H whom shared the ruck duties in the forward 50 and defensive 50 throughout the day. At the final siren we ran out winners 16-11-107 to 0-0-0. Goalkickers for the quarter were Lara 2, Liv H 1.


All in all a fantastic start to the year with every single player that took the field contributing to a great win. A big thank you to Jacinda, Kristiana, Marina and Ashlea from the U12 team whom come up and played a second game on Sunday with our team.



Best Players: Tiana, Lara, Sienna, Gemma, Amy, Alessia


Goalkickers: Tiana 4, Lara 3, Gemma 3, Alessia 3, Liv H 1, Amy 1 and Jacinda 1