We’ve being blessed with the weather,Jane Bunn must be looking after us
Matthews old side came to Schramms , he was keen and ready for fireworks , too both teams credit the match was played in good spirit.
First quarter Bailey Dillion kicked 3 goals and the whole team playing well.
Second quarter against the wind we out scored them.
Again third was sluggish and we must address at training this Wednesday.Max was probably best on ground when he injured himself ( corky hopefully, he sat out the rest of the game).
Fourth quarter the game was won , so game plan and individual performance was assessed, some good surprises on positions
Score 16.14 to 2.4
Best highlights
Baileys 4 goals, Lachlans 4 bounce run down the wing, Cals mark in the goal square , Robbie K impressive game at full forward and Matthew celebration after his goal.
Go cats

Parkside was our 5th round opponent at Schramms.we played them last year in the elimination and just lost by 9 points, so with a better playing group I thought we’ll be very competitive. Unfortunately half our side came to play with the dreaded FLU,
First quarter Ashton and the defence battled all quarter to restrict them to 2.7 to 1 but the amount of entries into their forward line was a concern.
Second quarter the same as first , unfortunately we didn’t capitalise at the scoring end with the wind.
The backline keep us in the game when half time arrive ( well done boys)
Parkside was grinding but not dominating, they were cleaner with the ball and much healthier than us lol😅, they kicked 6 goals in third, Bailey and Ben played a gutsy second half, Cal kicked 2 goals and played well all for quarters.
Fourth quarter we out scored and played Parkside but they won 11.14 to our 5.4
Best Cal, Ashton, Max, Jack
Best second half Robbi K, Bailey , Ben , Beau and Daniel
We’ll move on, improve and meet them in the finals where it will be a different story.
Well done boys the effort was great.
Grant Pietersen


Final grading match was against Park Orchards b side.
They only had 16 players so more on the bench for us, they ended up with only 14 at the end of the game.
First quarter very pleasing to see Nathan pluck some marks and goals at full forward.
Second quarter we clicked into gear and dominated the game, running riot , hand passing and kicking master class.
Much of the same third and fourth quarters kicking 30.20-200 to 1.3-9
Fitness was key to our victory. The game plan is starting to work and looks natural and effortless.Good to see Jack and Will P playing well. Matt R and Liam running the lines beautifully, creating goals for our forward line, Yu-Yu and Cal linking well with team mates, I can go on and on but again they played as a team. Matt H and Harrison from u13 help us out for we were low in numbers (thanks boys, both played very well)
Some Goal kickers, Nathan and Max with 5 each, Cal 4 , Jack 3, Lachlan ,Jake ,Matt R and Yu-Yu 2 each
Best players Daniel, Bailey, Liam, Cal , Max and Matt R
Great confidence builder, well done boys.
Grant Pietersen

3 games down and the improvement of our side is very encouraging, the game plan is working, the coaching staff knows every skilled detail of most players, so the game was against Fitzroy, the side last year who smashed us by 19 goals. After the first quarter we kicked 5.2 to 2.1, Fitzroy was stunned, it was very exciting, our first quarter starts has being crowd pleasing.The bone crushing tackling was amazing, the defence outstanding, by half time we were only 3 points up but that is amazing considering that the week before Fitzroy kicked 33.19.
Max playing a electrifying captains knock, Zac,s defence consistently good.
Third quarter we dominated with the wind but couldn’t capitalise on the scoreboard but by three quarter time we were ahead by 16 points, we needed a bigger lead.
Fitness was strong, the fourth quarter they kicked 5.1 to our 1.2 and they won the match by 7 points but encouraging  the way the team played and never give up, dominating the quarter but just couldn’t score, they lifted to another level, very promising.Again best players “everyone “
Robbie C, Lachlan, Bailey, Daniel and Nathan and Robbie in defence were big improvers Well done boys.

Grant Pietersen



Bulleen templestowe jfc was our second round opponent, at their home ground. Weather was perfect for football ( no wind,wow)
A minute silence for the Anzacs before the first bounce ,with both teams embracing the moment
Max won the toss kicking to the northern end.
First quarter we kicked 5.2 to 3.2 , our first quarters starts have been brilliant, Matthew R dominating on the scoreboard, Zac and Jake controlled the defence and Robbie C playing well
Second quarter was very similar to the first with Cal, Yu-Yu , Moses performing well in the centre.
Kristian receiving a handpass from Yu-Yu to kick a brilliant team goal then on the siren Will B kicks an aspiring goal ( well done)
Half time was in the shade with the family and supporters around us .
Third quarter was tough but encouraging fight to stay ahead
Last quarter we run , tackled kicked spectacularly goals , especially Liam on the run on the boundary then Yu-Yu,s snap was inspirational. The score 14.15-99 to 11.7-73
That was some of the highlights but it was a team effort, everyone played fantastic. Best players (everyone)Well done boys”Go Cats”


It’s been a long pre season, so finally the first match arrived and so did the rain and wind. The boys where keen and excited to play their first game at Schramms. We had 24 playing that day with 7 new players. We announced our co-captains Max and Cal and also introduced our leadership group, Liam, Nick, Matt R and Yu-Yu.

1st Quarter:
We won the toss and chose to kick to the northern end. We dominated this quarter kicking 3.4 to their 1 goal

2nd Quarter:
Canterbury started to pressure us and slowly turn the game towards their dominance, but we where still in the lead by 6 points at half time.
We went into The half time brake feeling confident that we where the better side.

3rd Quarter:
This quarter was a boundary line battle, we tried to move the ball out of the congested area but they dominated with good ball movement and creating the loose man. At the end of the third quarter we where 5 points down. At the 3 Quarter time I tried to motivate the team and rev them up.

4th Quarter:
We struggled the first ten minutes of this quarter but turned it around because of our fitness. We dominated that last 10 minutes but just couldn’t chase their score down. The scores where 7.9, 51 to their 8.11, 59.

Best Players: Yu-Yu, Matt R, Jake
Our whole team played well but the one stood out to me was Moses. It was his first time in ruck and dominated the ruck.

Grant Pietersen