About me

I’m Andy Bee, the DJFC Child Safety Officer.

This will be our sixth year at the club. My son Dylan kicked off in Auskick’s and has enjoyed progressing through the U8s-11s over the last 5 years. I’ve volunteered in numerous roles at the club with the most rewarding being team manager, and more recently as Registrar overseeing memberships across the club. This role provided a great opportunity to connect with coaches, parents and players across all age groups. I’m proud to say I attended numerous games across every team last year and it was a joy to see our motto ‘where friendships begin’ truly living up to expectations!
I was born in Malaysia but migrated here at an early age attending the local primary school in Bulleen and continued on to finish tertiary studies in Melbourne which was where I met my better half, Mayna. Our daughter Zoey completes our family picture. In my working life I’m in Finance & Strategy for a large mutual company providing health, wealth and living services throughout Australia.
I’m friendly, approachable and always available to chat about your child’s well-being related to the club. If you have a child safety idea, question or concern, you can buzz me on or 0403 434 868. Feel free to connect with me anytime.

Child Safe Standards

All organisations that support children must meet the Child Safe Standards. This is to ensure child safety is promoted, abuse is prevented and any allegations are responded to.
As part of Child Safety the league has a Commitment Statement and we are all bound by the Code of Conduct Schedule D  for coaches, parents and players.

Working with Children Checks (WWCCs)

Working with Children Checks help protect children. It would be great if everyone had one! They are free for volunteers.
The league and club have decided people in roles that have close contact with children (including online) require a police check. This includes the committee, coaches, managers, runners and trainers.
To get a WWCC fill out the online form and lodge at a Post Office. Please link it to the club, and email a copy to your team manager with the check number and your name in the subject.

Privacy and child safety

My kids checked their online profiles and realised their name, team and match details are published through the league, which is identifiable information. You can change your account settings so this information is not public. It is easy to do this when registering. If you would like to do this and need help please ask.